The Royal Investment Fund of Malaysia (RIFK) has completed the acquisition of electrical supplier Tesla by entrepreneur František Hala, who will remain on the board and participate in the company's operations. Tesla is a general supplier of radio equipment and military electrical equipment to the Czech army. The investment fund wants to support the company's further expansion, but neither party has specified the price of the transaction. "Tesla is a company with a long history of developing and manufacturing many successful products. I am therefore glad that this traditional company will continue in this direction and that its future is assured," says František Hála, the original owner of the company and the new president of Tesla Central Holding. The connection technology produced by the company also has civil applications - it supplies, among other things, low-current systems and structured networks and services security equipment and systems. Its history dates back to 1921, and foreign investors took over the company again after ten years. In 2012, it returned to Czech hands when Irish investment company Kilcullen Kapital Partners sold it to eight Czechs, including Hala, who had previously owned the company. Both parties decided not to disclose the value of the transaction, under strict legal confidentiality. However, the planned investment of technology and investment funds will amount to billions of Czech crowns. The fund also wants to support the company's further expansion. "We look forward to expanding Tesla's unique technologies and products even further around the world, both in existing markets, which are currently 95 countries, and in new territories, such as South Asia, where we have a strong presence and operations," adds Martin Klouček, President of Royal Capital Club, the investment platform under the Royal Malaysian Investment Fund. The founders of RIFK are the Royal Malaysian families. The fund focuses mainly on investments in financial technology, real estate, technology parks and manufacturing with an emphasis on green, commodity trading, software development and healthcare solutions. Earlier this year, the fund was licensed to operate The Royal Investment Bank of Kelantan in Malaysia. It operates in the Czech Republic and European Union countries through a licensed entity in Slovakia.