Our investment platforms IC GROUP, THE ROYAL CAPITAL CLUB (RCC) and the investment projects we manage have new websites. 

They now have a user-friendly web environment and an appealing design. 

All our companies, including our educational and investment platforms - THE ROYAL EDUCATION and THE ROYAL MARKET – are digitally linked.

We trust that the well-organised layout of these sites and the several language options they offer will make browsing the sites and obtaining new information an enjoyable, comprehensive, clear and effective experience for you.

To facilitate matters we present an overview of our projects with their specific web addresses.


  • IC GROUP is a traditional, international consulting company, which specialises primarily in finance and banking.

RCC - 

  • THE ROYAL CAPITAL CLUB is the premium prestigious investment program of the royal investment fund, which offers its members exclusive service and a wide range of benefits.


  • A unique project, which will cover twelve luxury residences all over the world. These will serve primarily as facilities for esteemed members of THE ROYAL CAPITAL CLUB.


  • The Royal Investment Fund of the Malaysian Sultanate of Kelantan (RIFK) is one of the investment programs of this traditional Malaysian and Southeast Asian royal family. It uses regulated hybrid banking structures.


  • The Royal Investment Bank (RIBK) established by THE ROYAL INVEST FUND OF KELANTAN. It is one of the fundamental pillars of THE ROYAL CAPITAL CLUB, whose clientele is made up of several royal families and internationally renowned investors from around the world.


  • One of the many licensed investment companies of the RIBK banking platform, which, drawing on the generations of experience of the founders of the RCC, places emphasis on a sense of tradition in its investments and activities, but is also open to innovations and solutions with modern investment instruments.

Aqua Regia -

  • The overarching parent brand – the brand box, as part of which we are developing the Regia Fonte project; it also showcases other projects relating to water and associated services.

Regia Fonte -

  • A unique source of spring water from a nature reserve. This pure water from the Low Tatras National Park has unique properties and an outstanding flavour. This project comes under the parent brand Aqua Regia.

Tesla Union -

  • Tesla Union is a Czech technological company specialising in the development and production of simulation, flight, electronic and technological equipment.

Poldi Waste Management -

  • The joint stock company IC – WASTE MANAGEMENT is one of the top 3 companies in the waste management segment in Prague and the surrounding region.