Prague, 14 February 2022 - Royal investment fund in Malaysia, The Royal Invest Fund of Kelantan (RIFK) is finalising preparations for a unique fintech project focused on e-money. The platform is designed to operate via unique and highly secure decentralised blockchain technology. 

The project is being developed on an international scale within the framework of The Royal Invest Fund of Kelantan, which was founded by the Malaysian royal family, headed by the current king Muhammad V of Kelantan.

The project is preparing a digital hybrid financial institution, currently within Malaysian territory. Over time, it will also incorporate the project's counterparts in and outside the EU. The result will then enable clients to make use of features such as cross-border digital payment services, use stable e-money and other unique online financial services. The project is part of the prestigious investment platform The Royal Capital Club (RCC) and is managed by the international consultancy group IC Group.

“Our technology will ensure the highest possible security standards. The project for an e-money institution in the territory of Malaysia is the umbrella project for the entire future platform, which will eventually include, among other things, a digital depository, for example,” said IC Group specialist Zuzana Stehlíková.

“Our projects will enable our investors to take advantage of the hybrid environment with no restrictions as regards time or place. We will thus be moving investment into the highly anticipated regulated digital environment of the third millennium,” added IC Group spokesperson Tereza Chvojková.

“The RCC’s clientele is based around a number of prominent royal and investor families and investment entities running business in Malaysia or at the international level,” explains Tereza Chvojková.

What exactly will the solution offer?

The new technology will enable financial transactions to be more quick, secure and less expensive. With this solution transactions can be executed within a matter of seconds, regardless of where in the world they are initiated. In the future this technology will create an alternative to currently used correspondent banks for cross-border transactions, which presently results in transactions taking tens of hours and sometimes even days. 

One thing that makes the decentralised blockchain technology unique is that transaction records cannot be deleted or edited, so clients have a transparent overview of the entire transaction history at any time, immediately.

The solution under the platform we are developing is designed to be slim-line, i.e. instead of high street branches it will prefer the use of the on-line environment, through which all transaction-related operations will be possible, including services such as opening an account, the card issuing and related payment transactions. The solution also eliminates all intermediaries, meaning the service works out less expensive in the end.

“We trust this project to be a success and we plan to expand and interconnect the territory of Asia with Europe, with Czech Republic to be one of the firsts. In the future, services such as a depository, security house, brokers or insurance may operate on the same technological basis within the framework of our platform,” adds Zuzana Stehlíková.

  • The Royal Malaysian Fund bought the Protivín Castle

    The Royal Malaysian Fund bought the Protivín Castle

    Protivín (Písek) September 7 (ČTK) - The Royal Malaysian Fund bought the Protivín Castle together with the adjacent park. They want to renovate the monument by 2023, the investment will be about half a billion crowns. The castle, which also belonged to Charles IV in the past, will participate in the prestigious investment program The Royal Capital Club which was founded by the members of aristocratic families, including the royals from East Asia, as well as other investors. The owners want to make part of the complex accessible, the investor's representatives said to ČTK.

    The new owner is the international investment group IC Group. They have bought the castle for CZK 100 million. They want to open it in the first half of the next year. “We have chosen it from many objects throughout the Czech Republic. We were primarily looking for a building typical of the Czech lands with a history and connection to important Czech monarchs and families. An important argument was the issued building permit,” said the architect of the project Ing. Věra Nagyová from Ateliér ARCH.IC

    The construction works on the Czech representation of the international investment project, The Orb, is divided into several stages. The castle will become the accommodation, educational and representative facility of the owners, and a hotel will be created there. The area will be surrounded by an English park, and the historic cellars with barrel vaults will come to life again. The castle will join the planned 12 headquarters of The Royal Capital Club around the world. Protivín is a pilot project, as Hana Tůmová said on behalf of the investor.

    The owner is discussing the plan with conservationists. The reconstruction from 1985 provided for the so-called school in nature. “After the Revolution, the owner 's castle changed, and for thirty years a new use was sought. Now it seems that the investor will complete their intention to build a hotel resort. The advantage of it is that the project from 1985 was developed to such an extent that no damage to the interior can occur. There are almost completely battered plasters, reinforced ceiling structures,” Daniel Šnejd, manager of the conservationists from České Budějovice, said to ČTK.

    The core of the monument is a Gothic castle, originally a royal one. It was rebuilt during the Renaissance and Baroque eras. Two Rococo rooms, a princess's room and a hall with a fireplace have been preserved. The castle has a large garden with the area of more than seven hectares.

    “We started the renovation with the castle itself, so we have been building the heart of the whole area and its surroundings. One of the newly conceived elements will be the atrium,” said Nagy. The colour of the façade will also change: the owner wants to return to the legacy of the architect Domenico Martinelli, who also participated in the construction of façades of houses in Český Krumlov.

    The Mayor of Protivín, Jaromír Hlaváč (ODS), believes that more tourists will visit the town with less than 5,000 inhabitants. “The castle has been closed for many years. The fact that it will be repaired to become a resort, including accommodation facilities, has far-reaching plus points for us. We will be able to offer accommodation after a long time, which we have been missing so much. About 110,000 people come to Protivín every year, but they all left us and brought the economic benefits elsewhere. Now the tourists can stay here,” said Hlaváč.

    It is originally a Baroque castle with an English park. It belonged to the the Luxembourg and Pernštejn families, from 1710 to 1948 to the Schwarzenberg family. During the First Republic, there was also a hotel for summer guests in the castle; Eduard Bass wrote the novel Circus Humberto there. It has been a cultural monument since 1963. The castle has not been used since 1988.

  • Our investment platforms IC GROUP, THE ROYAL CAPITAL CLUB (RCC) and the investment projects have new websites

    Our investment platforms IC GROUP, THE ROYAL CAPITAL CLUB (RCC) and the investment projects have new websites

    Our investment platforms IC GROUP, THE ROYAL CAPITAL CLUB (RCC) and the investment projects we manage have new websites. 

    They now have a user-friendly web environment and an appealing design. 

    All our companies, including our educational and investment platforms - THE ROYAL EDUCATION and THE ROYAL MARKET – are digitally linked.

    We trust that the well-organised layout of these sites and the several language options they offer will make browsing the sites and obtaining new information an enjoyable, comprehensive, clear and effective experience for you.

    To facilitate matters we present an overview of our projects with their specific web addresses.

    ICG -

    • IC GROUP is a traditional, international consulting company, which specialises primarily in finance and banking.

    RCC - 

    • THE ROYAL CAPITAL CLUB is the premium prestigious investment program of the royal investment fund, which offers its members exclusive service and a wide range of benefits.

    ORB -

    • A unique project, which will cover twelve luxury residences all over the world. These will serve primarily as facilities for esteemed members of THE ROYAL CAPITAL CLUB.

    RIFK -

    • The Royal Investment Fund of the Malaysian Sultanate of Kelantan (RIFK) is one of the investment programs of this traditional Malaysian and Southeast Asian royal family. It uses regulated hybrid banking structures.

    RIBK -

    • The Royal Investment Bank (RIBK) established by THE ROYAL INVEST FUND OF KELANTAN. It is one of the fundamental pillars of THE ROYAL CAPITAL CLUB, whose clientele is made up of several royal families and internationally renowned investors from around the world.

    RIB SK -

    • One of the many licensed investment companies of the RIBK banking platform, which, drawing on the generations of experience of the founders of the RCC, places emphasis on a sense of tradition in its investments and activities, but is also open to innovations and solutions with modern investment instruments.

    Aqua Regia -

    • The overarching parent brand – the brand box, as part of which we are developing the Regia Fonte project; it also showcases other projects relating to water and associated services.

    Regia Fonte -

    • A unique source of spring water from a nature reserve. This pure water from the Low Tatras National Park has unique properties and an outstanding flavour. This project comes under the parent brand Aqua Regia.

    Tesla Union -

    • Tesla Union is a Czech technological company specialising in the development and production of simulation, flight, electronic and technological equipment.

    Poldi Waste Management -

    • The joint stock company IC – WASTE MANAGEMENT is one of the top 3 companies in the waste management segment in Prague and the surrounding region.
  • Malaysian royal investment fund purchases the homestead in Protivín

    Malaysian royal investment fund purchases the homestead in Protivín

    In addition to Protivín chateau, the Malaysian royal investment fund has also purchased its homestead. The decision on the purchase was made at the meeting of Protivín town city council on Tuesday. IC GROUP, which the fund’s exclusive investment consultant, wants to repair the homestead and have a new representative cultural and commercial centre built there with accommodation facilities, that will also be open to the public. The plans for the reconstruction will be drawn up by the ARCH.IC architectural studio, which is also in change of the repairs to the chateau.

    “The planned cultural and commercial centre at the homestead should also include, amongst other attractions, a guest house, apartments, a restaurant, a café and a bakery. The homestead, which consists of seven buildings with land, is now in a very dilapidated condition. We want to completely repair it and invest a total of 150 million crowns into it. We would like to hold public events there, which would attract local people as well as tourists: from farmers' markets through to seasonal events, such as the May Day festivities and Christmas markets,” said IC GROUP spokesperson Tereza Chvojková.

    Since the very beginning the fund has worked closely with the town of Protivín and discusses all the steps it has planned with it. “It will greatly benefit the town that IC GROUP will repair these dilapidated buildings – we ourselves do not have enough funds to repair them, as it is a large complex. What’s more, the homestead will cater to the general public. I am sure it will attract tourists and also create new jobs,” said Jaromír Hlaváč, Mayor of Protivín.

    “Throughout history Protivín Chateau and Homestead have always formed a single whole and we believe we can bring it back to life. The repairs are scheduled to be completed in 2025, with everything depending on how the permit application process goes, as these are also listed buildings,” added Věra Nagyová from the ARCH.IC architectural studio.

    IC GROUP is a traditional international consultancy, investment and banking group. It manages assets for strong family investors with an emphasis on tradition, transparency and unique applied solutions. It operates in several parts of the world: particularly in Europe, Malaysia, the Middle East, Central Asia, the Far East and South America.

    The investment fund’s founder, The Royal Invest Fund of Kelantan, is the Malaysian royal family, headed by the king, Sultan Muhammad V, who acceded to the throne in Kelantan on 13 September 2010. It will use Protivín Chateau within the framework of THE ROYAL CAPITAL CLUB, which is a prestigious club for the fund’s investors and partners.

  • Our projects have new websites

    Our projects have new websites

    We are happy to present you the new websites of the project THE ORB, Chateau Protivín and Homestead of Château Protivín. You will find these websites under these links:

  • The Royal Capital Club offers prestigious club investing

    The Royal Capital Club offers prestigious club investing

    Prague, 23 February 2022 – Investment platform The Royal Capital Club, backed by royalty and other prominent families from South Asia and beyond, in partnership with international investment group IC Group, is offering prestigious club investing opportunities. The Royal Capital Club selects the most suitable investment opportunities and banking products across global financial markets and has unique investment products to suit each member's individual requirements. It tailors its unique know-how to the specific requirements of the investor.

    Investments in funds or banking institutions under The Royal Capital Club are for those seeking prestigious club investing with the leading investors on several continents, with an emphasis on traditional values combined with state-of-the-art fintech solutions.

    The existing clientele of The Royal Capital Club investment platform is generated from prominent royal and investor families or investment entities doing business not only in Malaysia but also internationally. The most prominent founders and investors include the Malaysian Royal Family and King Muhammad V of Kelantan. 

    "The royal family's philosophy as a major investor is a vision that emphasizes of timelessness, respect for tradition and sustainable values. Unlike other asset managers, we work with a long-term investment horizon with the goal that the children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren of all our investors will have a happy, healthy and asset-backed life. We want to achieve this through diversity and diversification," says Martin Kloucek, President of The Royal Capital Club.

    The Royal Capital Club is an apolitical group that offers many top-level benefits as part of its membership: For example, the use of luxurious historic properties within The ORB project, the opportunity to invest and be close to the "royal" group, the Malaysian King and members of the world's aristocracy, or participating in networking, educational and social events and many more.

    The Royal Capital Club focuses primarily on investments in financial technology, real estate, technology parks and manufacturing with an emphasis on green, commodity trading, software development and healthcare solutions.

    "We are often at IC Group at the inception of funds and follow them over the long term. Our rule of thumb is to only invest in what we know in great detail. We have created only a few funds, each of them having a clear and unique strategy. This allows us to actively manage returns and limit fluctuations in the value of the fund. We work with other premium fund managers that we trust. Our clients can choose from a wide range of investment opportunities from property funds to investment gold, banking products and prestigious digital currencies," says Martin Kloucek.

    The Royal Invest Fund of Kelantan (RIFK), of which The Royal Capital Club is part, has representation within IC Group's royal fund and advisory network in more than fifteen countries around the world. Together they manage more than €50 billion within the Group. IC Group, which also has a presence in the Czech Republic, manages assets for strong family investors and operates primarily in Europe, Malaysia, Central Asia, the Far East, the Middle East and South America as part of The Royal Capital Club's investor program.