The platform allows you to get information about investment projects, including future ones, to continuously educate yourself and invest directly.

The multinational investment Royal Capital Club is gradually expanding its global activities. In recent months, it has come out to meet European investors with the launch of the Royal Market platform. The Royal Capital Club also launched a new platform, Royal Digital, to help members navigate international investments, both in traditional fiat currencies and in their subsequent digitalisation, which includes, among other things, the Royal Broker project.

"The moment a member of the Royal Capital Club decides to make an investment with us, they also join a regulated environment. The gateway to the regulated financial environment that we broker is the Slovak joint stock company Investin – the brand name Royal Broker. This company enables the client to have a complete inclusion, followed by a range of financial services that are still under the control of regulation," said Zuzana Stehlikova, the Royal Broker project manager.


Exclusive Product

From an investor perspective, the Royal Market platform is the first point of encounter for financial education and investment opportunity. This online environment allows you to get information about investment projects, including future ones, to continuously educate yourself and invest directly. Potential applicants for these services must be part of the Royal Capital Club, the terms of entry are included in the platform information.

Martin Kloucek, President of Royal Capital Club

"The Royal Market project is one of the exclusive products of the multinational consulting group IC Group within its prestigious Royal Capital Club programme. Members can benefit from the robustness and global nature of our projects, which is a major advantage in these uncertain times. These overlaps, together with the stability that is guaranteed by the royals, give us exclusivity in the financial market," said Martin Kloucek, the President of Royal Capital Club.

Bringing together professionals with many years of investment experience forms the basis of the Royal Market platform, which is considered a "marketplace" for investment products with an emphasis on impeccable client service. The entire process is being digitised to make it as simple as possible for the client, accessible everywhere and completely transparent. The technical solution is in a continuous process of improvement in the background and available for use in both the mobile application and the desktop version, subject to the strictest security regulations and measures.

The platform creates a unique environment that brings together professionals with many years of experience, investors and partners with the intention of providing them with education and access to information on Royal Capital Club investments. It covers investments in seven sectors, from traditional to less established, so that the selection fits every client's portfolio.



The Royal Market platform also includes the Royal Education and Royal Market Network projects.

Royal Education provides education based on unique investment information, not only directly from the royal families as founding members and experienced family wealth managers, but also from leading experts with years of experience and expertise. Online courses on investment topics combine tradition with modern fintech approaches and aim to educate on investment topics in a high quality and effective way.

"On this basis, the client should get a detailed understanding of Royal Capital Club's investment programmes and learn their own methods that will work for them. Subsequently, through Royal Market, they are enabled to invest alongside the Malaysian royal families in investment funds and selected investment projects of their preference," added Royal Market manager Andrea Prchalová.

Each investor is treated as unique and receives tailored service accordingly. The Royal Market Network brings together a network of business partners for the purpose of education and individual cooperation in order to provide service of the highest quality according to world-class criteria.