ARCH.IC, the architectural studio working on the reconstruction of the Protivin Chateau, has revealed the colour of the reconstructed façade: the new colour of the façade will be a combination of grey and white and is inspired by the Viennese architect Anton Erhard Martinelli. The renovated castle will represent the base for the members of the Royal Capital Club. In the eighteenth century, the façades of the chateau were adapted from the designs of this important Austrian, and it can be said that the new look of the chateau is closer to the one it had once had in the past. 

"Anton Erhard Martinelli was a princely court builder in the service of the Schwarzenbergs, and a large part of his projects for this aristocratic family are connected with the South Bohemian region. For example, he carried out the reconstruction of the mint at the Cesky Krumlov Castle, the Baroque reconstruction of the Hluboka Castle, the renovation of the Trebon Castle and others. In addition, he worked in the service of the Liechtensteins, Princess Althann Pignatelli, the Esterhazy family and other members of leading Austrian aristocratic families and, last but not least, he worked directly for the Emperor Charles VI. The Baroque façade of the Ceske Budejovice Town Hall is also based on his design. With the colour of the façade we are returning the castle to its original Baroque appearance and celebrating the art and aesthetics of Martinelli's design,” said the project manager of THE ORB, architect Vara Nagyova, adding: "We approached the choice of the colour combination of the façade very responsibly, because we are aware that the chateau, located at the head of the Masaryk Square in Protivin, is a dominant feature of the town. I believe that this is a positive change, and the chateau will look more elegant. We are also currently working on the overall concept and appearance of the homestead, which should complement and clearly belong to the chateau itself, just as it did in the past." 

"The previous red-and-white colour scheme of the façades of the Protivin Chateau corresponds to the design typical of seventeenth-century Baroque buildings. However, today's façade dates back to the 1820s and at that time this colour combination was hardly used at all. It was designed for Prince Adam Franz von Schwarzenberg by the Viennese architect Martinelli, who designed not only the reconstruction of the chateau but also most of the buildings in the forecourt. The grey and white colour scheme is typical of his projects,” added Martin Sanda, historian, the author of a comprehensive monograph Anton Erhard Martinelli in the service of the Schwarzenbergs.

Work on the façades of the chateau began in early autumn, mainly with local repairs and cleaning of stone elements. As part of the revitalisation of the roof trusses and the replacement of the roof covering, the dormers were modified, and the basic parts of the chimneys were bricked up. Work on the façades is currently not progressing due to the winter and cold temperatures; but will start again in the spring.

"The Protivin Chateau is one of the most important monuments of the South Bohemian region. In the past, many valuable original structures and surfaces were lost here, so it is now necessary to find a solution with the help of new materials. In the reconstruction process, a keen eye for the detail and the art of craftsmanship are essential. The project documentation was continuously consulted with the staff of the monument conservation and took into account the results of the surveys carried out,” said a representative from the National Heritage Institute in Ceske Budejovice, supervising the reconstruction.

"In 2022, we have almost completed the most challenging part of the chateau, which is the revitalisation and repair of the original structures. Here, for example, we had to take off all the plaster and make it completely new – after all, thirty years of disuse had taken its toll on the chateau. It is also worth mentioning the replacement of the gallows, which was very complicated. For this, the greatest thanks go to all those involved in the construction and who are keeping it running even in these difficult times of construction, when some materials are very hard to find. Next year will be all about new elements, 

especially the visible ones. If all goes well, some parts of the site will be put into trial operation next year, with the revitalisation of other parts to follow,” Vera Nagyova reported.

The history of the Protivin Cateau in the south of the Czech Republic dates back to the Gothic castle, which belonged, among others, to the property of King and Emperor Charles IV. Now it will become the first of THE ORB project of the prestigious Royal Capital Club, which is backed by royal and other prominent families from all continents of the world.