THE ORB project was presented to the public at the eighteenth annual New Year’s fireworks in Protivín. This project is a unique program of the prestigious investment platform THE ROYAL CAPITAL CLUB (RCC) and its partner group IC GROUP, which has purchased the chateau and, more recently, the homestead in Protivín for the Malaysian Royal Investment Fund (RIFK) and is actively repairing them. 

Viewers on Masarykovo náměstí watched two videos at the New Year, after which the facade of the chateau itself was lit up after a long time as the symbol of the new year and the project now under way. The renovation of the chateau is in full swing; the restoration of the homestead will start this year. The plans for the reconstruction will be drawn up by the ARCH.IC architectural studio, which is also in change of the repairs to the chateau.

“We want to build a new representative cultural and commercial centre at the homestead with accommodation facilities, which will also be open to the public. We wanted to use the videos to show people what they could look forward to,” said IC GROUP spokesperson Tereza Chvojková. 

IC GROUP wants to restore the seven dilapidated buildings at the homestead for the Royal Investment Fund and invest a total of 150 million crowns into it.

“The plans include a guest house and apartments, a restaurant, a café and a bakery. We want to bring life back to the homestead: we’d like to hold public events there, which would attract local people as well as tourists: from farmers' markets through to seasonal events, such as the May Day festivities and Christmas markets,” added IC GROUP spokesperson Tereza Chvojková.

Since the very beginning the fund has worked closely with the town of Protivín and discusses all the steps it has planned with it. “It will greatly benefit the town that IC GROUP will repair these dilapidated buildings – we ourselves do not have enough funds to repair them, as it is a large complex. What’s more, the homestead will cater to the general public. I am sure it will attract tourists and also create new jobs,” said Jaromír Hlaváč, Mayor of Protivín.

“Throughout history Protivín Chateau and Homestead have always formed a single whole and we believe we can bring it back to life. The repairs are scheduled to be completed in 2025, with everything depending on how the permit application process goes, as these are also listed buildings,” added Věra Nagyová from the ARCH.IC architectural studio.

IC GROUP is a traditional international consultancy, investment and banking group. We manage assets for strong family investors with an emphasis on tradition, transparency and unique applied solutions. It operates in several parts of the world: particularly in Europe, Malaysia, the Middle East, Central Asia, the Far East and South America.

The founder of the Royal Investment Fund, The Royal Invest Fund of Kelantan, is the Malaysian royal family, headed by the king, Sultan Muhammad V, who acceded to the throne in Kelantan on 13 September 2010. Protivín Chateau will be used within the framework of THE ROYAL CAPITAL CLUB as a prestigious residence for the royal family itself, investors in the royal investment club and the fund’s partners.