Prague, 24 October 2022 – The first public event has recently taken place at the Protivin homestead. Hundreds of people came to the place and took the opportunity to see the area of the homestead after many decades. The premises are in a state of disrepair and are awaiting reconstruction. 

There was also a debate on the use of the homestead buildings with the project manager of THE ORB, Vera Nagyova, Dipl. Arch., under whom the homestead project falls. People then filled in questionnaires describing what they would like to see in the homestead. It turned out that what people most wanted was a meeting place with a clubhouse for local associations, a restaurant and accommodation.

"Our intention is to make the homestead a public meeting space. Our plans include a large hall specifically for events and occasions, which could also be used as a clubhouse. We are glad that the public is so interested in the homestead. The results of the survey have shown us that the concept we have in mind is in line with the wishes of the local residents," said Vera Nagyova. Among the ideas were also the establishment of a cycling museum or a ping-pong centre. 

The new concept is designed to bring the most positive benefits to the town, aiming at uniting the long-divided parts of the chateau and the homestead into one functioning whole. All these areas will bring additional jobs, development of the area and expansion of infrastructure to Protivin. 

The Protivin Chateau is part of THE ORB project, which is under the Royal Capital Club. It is backed by royalty and other prominent aristocratic families, mainly from South Asia. The project consists of 12 unique private residences located all over the world, the first presented place being the South Bohemian town of Protivin.