ICDE and banking, investment partners of the IC GROUP

High security, transaction speed and unique investment environment with a new digital currency created for a regulated banking and fund environment

We provide a private exchange with transactions in a digital regulated currency with the gold standard and fixation on world currencies. We also emphasize strict security standards and high speed of payments in the structures of the prestigious program RCC. Digitize, monetize, manage and trade your assets in a regulated digital environment with IC DIGITAL EXCHANGE and IC GROUP. The ROYAL DIGITAL EXCHANGE emphasizes the four primary pillars that make our digital exchange one of the most sought after on the market. These are speed, reliability, security and unique currency.


Our digital wallets are monitored in real time, so that you can see your balance at any time.


High protection is a priority, so all accounts are secured by two-factor authentication.

Unique currency

In terms of digitizing your assets it is possible to exclusively use the first truly regulated digital currency “Stable ABS eMoney” and “Stable Royal eMoney”.