A unique Swiss diagnostic and treatment facility / franchise

Life Expert is a uniq Swiss device which belongs to Wellness Technologies. The device is a skin electrical resistance measuring device that transmits digital measurement data to the computer program.

Several technologies are used in it:

  • checkdiagnostics by measuring the electrical resistance of biologically active zones (which have been shown you)
  • checkelectropunctural diagnostics by points for alternative medicine doctors
  • checkone-point vegetative resonance test for alternative medicine doctors

We have been developing this technology for 18 years. Various modifications of these devices have been sold as much.

Since the summer of 2018, the program for the device has been completely recreated and made as cloudy. It means, when everything works on our servers.

People really like this technology, so today the statistics of the cloud program (for 1 year) is as follows:

  • checkSold about 10,000 devices in total
  • check4,548 active users of the program
  • checkThey carry out about 50,000 tests per month
  • checkThe cloud program already has 370,146 tests in total.

The value of this program is not only that people pay a subscription fee for using the program, but also in collecting data, which later can be analyzed and the big-data can be used for other types of business.

Today we are leaders in terms of program features – in price-quality ratio. You can also become a distribution partner for this unique technology.