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Invest in investment funds and selected investment programs in the structures of the prestigious ROYAL CAPITAL CLUB program. Evaluate your portfolio with IC INVEST PORTAL and IC GROUP.


ICIP and investment partners of the IC GROUP

IC INVEST PORTAL is a program of a private investment IC GROUP. Its mission is to provide clients (investors) with innovative products and services that are tailored to the client’s individual needs. With maximum privacy, we evaluate and select among the best regulated financial products available on the available markets within the IC GROUP representation. We apply our knowledge and experience from financial markets tested by generations, which we apply individually so that the investment programs of the IC GROUP bear the attributes of quality, stability and reliability. We invest primarily in the field of unique technologies, production, asset management and art. We are also interested in investments in the areas of investment education, smart tax planning or protection of investor’s assets.

However, we mostly use a unique regulated hybrid payment platform with the world’s leading co-investors or banks. This platform allows investors to manage their assets without time and space limitations and other aspects of limiting asset management, all on a regulated basis to the highest AML standard and in compliance with the Compliance regulations.

IC INVEST PORTAL and its fund entities are funds of qualified investors. As an investor with us, you benefit from the entire portfolio consisting of selected investment projects. The portfolio includes ICIF Bank Solutions, ICIF Asset Management, ICIF Commodity Trade, ICIF Tech Park, ICIF SW Solutions and others. With this composition of the portfolio, we achieve a diversified, very constant and at the same time attractive appreciation.

Cooperation with our clients is our passion and we perceive mutual business commitments with the utmost seriousness. Thanks to the fact that each client has a different approach to risk and a different investment goal, there is an opportunity to create their own new unique portfolio, which will include all the necessary details.

Opportunities come every time the market gets moving and the investment path becomes complicated. Today, there are many resources available, so it is not about finding stimuli, but about finding solutions to process the right steps after analyzing them from all possible angles. Thanks to IC GROUP’s worldwide investment capabilities, it is possible to apply accurate information from key investment markets as part of the investor’s strategy analysis. In this way, you will achieve the choice of the optimal result based on logic, diversity and generational experience.

IC INVEST PORTAL and its fund entities have a combined team of experts who analyze and study targeted opportunities in a controlled environment, which ensures that successful investment decisions are always made with the highest accuracy, which serves the set purposes or goals.