Comprehensive solutions for your technology and production

The IC GROUP Technology Park is located in the very center of Europe at the strategic crossroads of major transport routes in the Czech Republic and neighboring European Union countries. Our production parks are located close to the most famous industrial centers, which enable effective cooperation with the key partners of the IC GROUP and the IC – TECH PARK project.

The aim of the IC GROUP technology park is to collect unique technologies from around the world, to develop them and to apply them to international markets with an emphasis on the “Swiss brand” renowned for its quality and high standards, as well as the neighboring countries of the European Union, Russian Federation and USA.

We are working with multinational prestigious Swiss investment and production units to develop and manufacture unique, timeless technologies in the fields of energy, medicine, finance, automation and logistics.

The IC Master Vendor program, with its unique software solution, provides services to the clients of the IC GROUP of the highest standards, especially in the field of human resources, focusing on all phases of the recruitment process, coordination, HR management and training.

Martin Vykus

IC MVA Project Specialist