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Private, international Investment Consultancy and Management Advisory with more than 10 years experience.

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We have 15 offices around the world and investment projects in: Europe, South America, Central Asia, Near and Far East.


Cooperation with Investment funds that manages a worldwide portfolio of 1.75 billion EUR


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Our Services


Banking Services & Consulting

IC HYBRID INVEST BANK, international bank which is part of the “IC GROUP”. It is located on the Dominican Republic offers a variety of private banking and investment management solutions to high net worth individuals and corporations.

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Our tailored approach to wealth management includes a full array of services, ranging from private banking facilities to trustee and company services to offshore financial planning for most offshore jurisdictions, specially designed to meet your needs.

It is also possible to take advantage of the unique hybrid features of IC BANK, in the area of financial management or exchange of FIAT assets and CRYPTO assets, and other hybrid instruments.

Corporate Consulting & Legal Advice

By thoroughly understanding our clients’ international business we are able to provide “central management and control” through management functions carried out by personnel based in Dominicana, European Union and elsewhere. Through our global

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network of strategic alliances, we can provide a customized corporate structure that will meet your needs, including the appropriate international personnel to manage and administer your invest entities.

Investment Services & Consulting

IC BANK stands committed to offering you the finest offshore investment options through the IC GROUP´s Partner Invest Funds. These funds present you with the opportunity to have your assets contracted with the world’s most

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successful and experienced investment managers. The result is an array of investment choices that allow you to explore numerous segments of the investment markets by assessing elite professionals in each specific field.

Project Management & Marketing

Businesses are expanding into foreign markets (especially to EU) and as such, effective “financial and tax planning or project management” has become a key to shareholder success. Advance planning is essential for businesses looking to expand their presence

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We are ready to work with you and your advisors to ensure the proper investment structure is designed to meet your international business objectives, project management and related marketing at a professional level.

Tax Consulting & Audit

Comprised of a team of seasoned professionals IC BANK provides sophisticated planning for international families. IC BANK executives have the experience and expertise to provide in-depth, internationally oriented Wealth Management structures in

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consultation with leading tax experts from around the world. Whether you are looking for relocation advice, assistance with estate and financial planning or wealth preservation strategies.

Risk Management & Insurance

At IC BANK and IC GROUP, we recognize the desire of high net worth individuals to seek tax minimization and creditor protection in the international community. Our professionals and associates know how to structure tax effective international

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trust and corporate vehicles to achieve higher after-tax returns on investments. We establish and provide ongoing management and maintenance of your corporate investment entities and especially with the involvement of international insurance houses, which will protect your assets in a difficult investment or life period.

What Makes Us Diferent

We maintain a questioning attitude and are not afraid to challenge conventional thinking or the status quo. We believe there are two types of risk: those that can be modelled and analyzed using statistical techniques, and uncertainty which is harder to quantify.

IC Company is team-based with a strong ownership culture. We believe this creates a true alignment between meeting the goals of clients, our business objectives and individual incentives. At the heart of our investment philosophy for our clients is a determination to offer clients innovative solutions that deliver mutually agreed, long-term outcomes.

This unique perspective has shaped our investment platform and enabled us to stay at the forefront of investment innovation.

Our Cases


We put a world-class clients experience of investments at the heart of what we do and the leading private investors can come to us with their most complex challenges.

Khasan Kuchakov, DrSc.

Executive Partner

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What is our aim

We want able to stay at the forefront of investment innovation and bring our experience, technical skills and creativity on projects to accept challenging goals.

  • checkDevelopment and innovation of creative ideas
  • checkEffective strategies
  • checkAiming for business growth
  • checkAdded value of the portfolio.

Valuable investment projects

Investments in primary European real estates, private capital and production companies. Investment projects in:

  • checkEurope
  • checkSouth America
  • checkCentral Asia
  • checkNear and Far East

Solution That Fits Your Calling

Complex financial and investment advisory services, including strategic planning, market surveys, project design and management, risk management, procurement and technology.

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