About Us


We are a fast-growing private based investment consultancy firm. We started operations in 2009 from Investment Services and now we have expanded our operations to Europe, South America, Middle East, Central Asia and Far East Markets in different business sectors through joint ventures with our long-therm trusted partners.

Working Together to Deliver Value to Your Business

We support international strong and stable corporate clients by providing complex financial and investment consultancy services, involving strategy planning, market studies, project design and management, risk management, procurement, technology and partners selection and investments in specific sectors like:

  • checkRenewable Energy
  • checkPharmaceutical, Automotive and other Manufacturing
  • checkQuality Management Systems
  • checkEngineering and Project design service for all types industries
  • checkInvestment and Technical Project Management
  • checkAnd another according to the needs of the investor

We bring our experience, technical skills and creativity on projects to accept challenging goals. We help to transform innovative ideas for long term success by our expert advisors and managers who have a wealth of knowledge and experience within investment, financial services and inovation technology industries.

With our expertise, we attract investors to the business opportunities in the rapidly growing international market. “Investment Consultancy” Company – plays an important role in creating a platform for organisations aiming to gain a foothold in Europe, Middle East and Central Asia.

We are branded under a pool of dedicated professionals, subject matter of experts and advisory team with world wide experience to provide expert services within different sectors. Our advisors will help you achieve your financial goals, expectations and manage your projects in a most effective and efficient manner. We use our expertise and know-how to advice our commercial clients on strategies for growth and how to structure, execute & manage mergers and acquisitions.


We provide complex services to our international invest clients in a broad spectrum of invest spheres, in the sphere of banking, asset management, commodities, technologies or production and software development in particular.

JUDr. Filip Sourek

Compliance Manager of IC GROUP