Comprehensive services in the field of commodity trades

IC COMMODITY TRADE is an independent commodity trading company specialising in metal commodities. We are able to supply materials via air, sea, road and rail freight, utilising our extensive global partners network across offices in London, Prague, Moscow and Hong Kong.

  • check​Provides a winning combination – comprehensive knowledge of metal commodities and strong logistical expertise; locating, transporting and supplying factories around the world with any commodity they require.
  • check​With Partners are trained sourcing specialists and experts in providing the highest quality material, effective forward flow management, the storage of goods, a superb level of service and information between the point of origin and the point of consumption, exceeding both suppliers and end users expectations.
  • checkDeliver on-time, on-spec shipments, globally. We support producers, invest in resources and transportation, and meet the most demanding delivery mandates.



Security Houses

  • checkElectricity
  • checkCoal
  • checkPower
  • checkMetals
  • checkIron ore
  • checkCrude oil
  • checkMiddle distillates
  • checkGasoline
  • checkNaphtha
  • checkBitumen
  • checkMethanol
  • checkLPGFueloil
  • checkEthanol
  • checkLNG
  • checkNatural gas
  • checkGold
  • checkSilver
  • checkDiamonds


Project IC – COMMODITY TRADE UK, collecting several important traders in the field of energy (electricity, oil, diesel, gas) and precious metals
Project IC – SECURITY HOUSES, building a franschize metal houses deposit network, which, in addition to commodity deposit solutions, also solves the IC INVEST BANK branch / partner representation section, creating a very large network of access points for the ABS GROUP (automated bank systems) clients of 6 states, dominating RF x AFRICA x SOUTH AMERICA.

In IC Commodity Trade time plays a crucial role. Once a trade is agreed, our investors wants to see the settlement requirements were handled quickly and efficiently.

Faridun Shukurov

Executive Project Manager