Automated Hybrid Bank System

A Unique Approach to Global Private Hybrid Banking, Wealth Management, Offshore Banking, Trust, Tax & Estate Planning & Structures, Project Management



International bank which is part of the „IC GROUP“. It is located on the Dominican Republic offers a variety of private banking and investment management solutions to high net worth individuals and corporations. Our tailored approach to wealth management includes a full array of services, ranging from private banking facilities to trustee and company services to offshore financial planning for most offshore jurisdictions, specially designed to meet your needs.

It is also possible to take advantage of the unique hybrid features of IC BANK, in the area of financial management or exchange of FIAT assets and BLOCKCHAIN assets, and other hybrid instruments.



Our parent company Investment Consultancy & Global Management Advisory is a network of comprehensive services related to private banking, asset management for private clients and institutions, investment banking, project financing and project management. Its services primarily on developing markets of the European Union, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, Russian Federation and Hong Kong.


IC HYBRID INVEST BANK differentiates itself by providing a comprehensive trust, investment and banking relationship that is customized to the individual needs of each client. Our goal is to provide ultimate flexibility:

  • checkChoice of trust, corporate, banking and other services (BLOCKCHAIN & FIAT)
  • checkChoice of global investment opportunities and asset classes
  • checkChoice of investment structures and domiciles
  • checkChoice of the degree of direct involvement an investor elects to exercise in the portfolio management process
  • checkChoice of complementary consulting, planning and strategy services


IC BANK firmly believes in the value of independent, long-term advice based on a consistent and superior investment management track record. Through IC GROUP’s close association with some of the world’s leading asset managers, clients have exposure to advisors that are not traditionally available to individual investors. Once your investment profile and requirements have been assessed, IC BANK will recommend the portfolio structure and asset mix that best addresses your long-term goals. The evaluation process is structured to consider each manager’s history and potential.


IC BANK stands committed to offering you the finest offshore investment options through the IC GROUP´s Partner Invest Funds. These funds present you with the opportunity to have your assets contracted with the world’s most successful and experienced investment managers. The result is an array of investment choices that allow you to explore numerous segments of the investment markets by assessing elite professionals in each specific field.


Comprised of a team of seasoned professionals IC BANK provides sophisticated planning for international families. IC BANK executives have the experience and expertise to provide in-depth, internationally oriented Wealth Management structures in consultation with leading tax experts from around the world. Whether you are looking for relocation advice, assistance with estate and financial planning or wealth preservation strategies.


IC BANK provides management, corporate secretarial, accounting, tax compliance and, immigration services to multinationals which have operations in fifteen countries around the world.

  • checkExpert management personnel who perform business functions, corporate secretarial and administration services for active business clients.
  • checkOur personalized corporate services and international investment holding companies for high net-worth private clients.


Businesses are expanding into foreign markets (especially to EU) and as such, effective “financial and tax planning or project management” has become a key to shareholder success. Advance planning is essential for businesses looking to expand their presence internationally. We are ready to work with you and your advisors to ensure the proper investment structure is designed to meet your international business objectives.


IC GROUP has a dedicated team of experienced, professional accountants and administrators willing to assist our clients with any business service required. We offer a full range of international corporate business services throughout the world wide. Our services are wide ranging and include maintaining accounting records, payroll management, financial statement and tax return preparation, purchase ordering and sale invoicing.


By thoroughly understanding our clients’ international business we are able to provide "central management and control" through management functions carried out by personnel based in Dominicana, European Union and elsewhere. Through our global network of strategic alliances, we can provide a customized corporate structure that will meet your needs, including the appropriate international personnel to manage and administer your invest entities.


IC BANK’s comprehensive range of corporate secretarial services includes acting as incorporator, government licensing of corporations where required, obtaining Dominicana Central Bank foreign currency permissions, acting as partner´s corporate secretary or agent, the provision of local resident directors, and officers, registered office facilities, corporate records maintenance, required annual meeting attendance and minutes.


At IC BANK, we recognize the desire of high net worth individuals to seek tax minimization and creditor protection in the international community. Our professionals and associates know how to structure tax effective international trust and corporate vehicles to achieve higher after-tax returns on investments. We establish and provide ongoing management and maintenance of your corporate investment entities.

Why invest with IC HYBRID INVEST BANK?

IC BANK financial planning can provide risk management, enhanced privacy, estate planning and the opportunity for tax mitigation, bank project management. You can access the same hybrid investment vehicles that are available in frame of IC GROUP.


In common law jurisdictions, trusts represent a fiduciary relationship between a person who willingly relinquishes control of some or all of his/her assets to a trusted advisor (the trustee) for the benefit of a defined person(s), group or organization (the beneficiary).

Key Benefits of Trusts

  • checkKey Benefits of Trusts
  • checkTax and estate planning flexibility
  • checkAsset and creditor protection
  • checkAvoidance of forced heirship requirements
  • checkProtection against foreign exchange controls or public sequestration
  • checkProtection against personal lawsuits
  • checkProtection of assets against the break-up of a relationship, including marriage
  • checkPossible deferral and/or reduction of personal income taxes, capital gains tax and wealth and/or death duties for settlor

Asset Protection Trusts

If an individual has significant net worth and wants a portion of their estate protected from claims of creditors, including family members, then an Asset Protection Trust („APT“) is the correct offshore vehicle for them. The primary consideration of the client is asset protection and not tax avoidance. An APT is tax neutral insofar as there will be attribution of income and/or capital gains back to the Settlor which must be reported.

International Business Companies

An International Business Company (IBC) is a legal entity incorporated in an offshore jurisdiction for commercial or personal purposes. While they can perform any number of different functions, the most important role of an IBC is to provide personal financial, estate or project planning flexibility as well as ease of corporate succession planning. An IBC based in Dominicana also benefits from the island’s progressive tax regime and double-taxation treaties with other major nations.

Key Benefits of IBCs

  • checkInvestor confidentiality
  • checkAll or only some of your worldwide assets may be controlled by an IBC
  • checkBeneficial ownership of the shares of an IBC remains strictly confidential
  • checkTax and estate planning flexibility

Banking Software Included

Our banking SW was designed to be the most user-friendly online banking software. The platform is 100% web based and encrypted using bank-grade SSL encryption.

  • checkView balances and statements
  • checkTransfer funds between accounts
  • checkTransfer funds to other users
  • checkTransfer funds from accounts to cards
  • checkOrder outgoing bank transfers
  • checkSend and receive secure messages
  • checkView and update their user profile
  • checkAnd many more…

About Arbitas | SW Partner Of ABS Payment Project

ARBITAS is an international company with more than 10 years of history.
We specialize in developing innovative software applications and related software such as KIOSK systems for the banking, insurance, F&B and pharmaceutical markets. Our clientele portfolio consists of both state and private organizations.

The priority goal of our company is to provide complex products and services with the aim of automating the business processes of companies in order to increase efficiency and reduce the cost of selling final products or services.

We develop software and web systems for banks, credit organizations, insurance companies, state and commercial enterprises and other clients.

ABS Payment Project

Comprehensive banking solution with the context of an automated hybrid (blockchain / fiat) service within the IC GROUP partner network, enabling its partners / investors to privately, synergistically / efficiently manage cash flow in unique investment programs with an investor’s share of management or executives, securely invested / deposited funds.

The investor within the ABS and UHB system uses the financial services on the highest private basis, for his activities applies the payment system without limiting the region, place, time and with its full control. This effect can further optimize tax processes or corporate strategies.

The investor / client does not distinguish between the fiat and blockchain systems, thanks to the hybrid environment, the “stable ABS coin”, payments in the transition between the two environments are protected against the volatility or other adverse effects of current blockchain technologies.

Investors can monetize / valorise any available assets on a banking / fund basis, without any territorial or time zone restrictions.

IC Invest Bank | ABS Payment Project

Basic target activities of the bank | process automation:

  • checkProvision of bank and non-bank loans and credits in any currency
  • checkKeeping client accounts in any currency
  • checkIssuance of payment cards or payment card transaction processing
  • checkMaking and clearing payments
  • checkActing as a broker, an agent, an exchange office or a clearing center
  • checkFactoring services and trade with third person’s and corporate liabilities
  • checkIntermediation of payment services as the virtual bank, virtual currencies of blockchain currencies
  • checkCurrency exchange office for buying and selling virtual currencies or blockchain currencies
  • checkKeeping of virtual currencies account, also electronic valets and other services in this area of activities
  • checkOperating a payment gateway for non-cash transactions and enabling the conversion of virtual Florencie
  • checkProviding software solutions, IT consulting, data processing, hosting and related activities for web portals and virtual currencies
  • checkKYC processes
  • checkGenerating, sending and printing bank documents – PSD2 license
  • checkOperation of Smart POS terminals for business activities

Whatever needs our clients, we have unique bank solutions and private services that can help them to achieve the goals they want.

Ing. Rudolf Rabinak