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Cooperates with family investors and investment or banking structures that manage a global portfolio of EUR 40 billion.

Investment and Banking Portal

Private international investment, banking and management consultancy based on tradition and generational experience.

Global Representation

More than 15 locations worldwide, investment projects in Europe, Malaysia, Central Asia, the Middle East and South America.

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Banking Services and Consultancy Services

Investment banking portal, an international banking program that is part of the IC GROUP. Through regulated entities within the IC BANK PORTAL platform and a prestigious program of THE ROYAL CAPITAL CLUB („RCC”), it

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offers unique solutions in the field of private hybrid banking and investment management not only to individuals, but also to companies with international business or financial activities. Our tailor-made approach to asset management includes a range of hybrid services from providing private banking, management and corporate services to specialized financial planning for most of the world’s jurisdictions that are individually designed to suit your needs.
We offer the opportunity to take advantage of the unique regulated hybrid functions of Investment banking portal in the area of financial management and the actual digitization of your assets.

Corporate Consulting & Legal Advice

Thanks to a thorough understanding of our clients’ international business, IC GROUP is able to provide “central holding management & controlling management” within the IC CONSULTING PORTAL platform through

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management functions performed by professionals based in the European Union, Malaysia, Russia, Hong Kong, America and other territories. Through our global network of strategic alliances, we can provide you with a flexible corporate structure that suits your needs, including appropriate international asset management and management of your investment entities.

Investment Services and Consultancy Services

IC GROUP offers the most interesting global investment opportunities through partner investment funds of the IC INVEST PORTAL platform or banking houses within the prestigious RCC program.

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These partners will allow you to take advantage of the opportunity to contract and cooperate with the most successful and experienced investment managers in the world or investors themselves. The result of this cooperation is a range of investment programs that allow you to explore major segments of investment markets with the final evaluation being prepared by elite professionals in each specific area.

Project Management & Marketing

Investment units that expand their operations to foreign markets perceive “financial and tax planning or project management” as the key to the success of their vision. Preliminary planning and related consultancy are essential for companies wishing to expand

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their activities at international level. The IC CONSULTING PORTAL platform of the IC GROUP offers these services on the highest standard with an emphasis on privateness and uniqueness. We are ready to work with you and your advisers to make sure that the right investment or business structure is designed to cover your international business goals, project management, finance and related marketing at a professional level.

Tax Advisory Services & Audits

The IC CONSULTING PORTAL platform consists of a team of experienced experts. IC GROUP provides sophisticated planning not only for important families with international overlap, but also for corporations with very specific requirements. The management of  

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IC GROUP has a generational experience and expertise to provide a thorough, internationally oriented asset management structures in cooperation with leading financial, tax experts from all over the world. Whether you are looking for advice to relocate your structure, help in planning property management, financial or banking planning, or a long-term asset conservation strategy.

Risk Management & Insurance

In the IC GROUP, we are aware of the desire of investors or individuals with high personal wealth to strive to optimize taxes and protect creditors in the international community. Our experts and collaborators within the IC CONSULTING PORTAL platform know how

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to structure tax-efficient international assets to achieve a higher return on investment after taxation. We will set up and provide ongoing management and maintenance of your corporate investment entities, especially with the involvement of international insurance companies, our hybrid investment and banking structures to protect your assets in difficult investment or life.

What makes
us different

We maintain an interrogative position and are not afraid to question conventional thinking or the status quo. We believe that there are two types of risks: Risks that can be modeled and analyzed using statistical techniques and uncertainty that is more difficult to quantify.

IC is based on a team with a strong culture of ownership. We believe that this will create a real link between meeting the goals of clients or investors, our business goals and individual incentives. The basis of our investment philosophy for our clients is the commitment to offer innovative solutions that deliver mutually agreed, long-term results and stability.

This unique perspective created our investment and banking platform. It enabled us to stay at the forefront of investment innovations while maintaining a regulated environment and high security and compliance standards.

Our Investment Solution


“We put unique generational client experience together with investment assets into the core of our solutions, and leading family private investors can turn to us with their biggest challenges.”

Khasan Kuchakov, DrSc.

CEO, Executive Partner

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What is our goal

We want to remain at the forefront of investment and banking innovations and bring our experience, technical skills and creativity in projects to achieve the ambitious goals that we took upon.

  • checkDevelopment and innovation of creative ideas
  • checkEffective strategies
  • checkFocus on business growth
  • checkPortfolio value added
  • checkTradition and long-term prosperity

Valuable Investment Projects

Investments in leading European real estates, private capital, digitization and significant technological or production companies.

  • checkEurope
  • checkMalaysia
  • checkCentral Asia
  • checkThe Middle East and the Far East
  • checkSouth America

A solution that suits your needs

Comprehensive financial and investment advisory services, including strategic planning, market research, project design and management, risk management, business processes and technology development or production.


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