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IC GROUP is a rapidly growing international advisory, investment and banking group. We manage assets for strong family investors with an emphasis on the privateness, tradition, transparency and uniqueness of applied solutions. We use generational experience of our investors from all over the world, proven by centuries.

IC GROUP is actively expanding its activities in several parts of the world. Especially in Europe, Malaysia, the Middle East, Central Asia, the Far East and South America in various financial or business areas through joint investment or banking activities with our long-term trusted partners and investors within the framework of THE ROYAL CAPITAL CLUB („RCC“) investor program.

IC GROUP is based on a team with strong ownership culture.

Joint efforts and objectives to achieve the planned appreciation of the investment portfolio

We support international strong and stable family and corporate investors by providing comprehensive investment, banking and advisory services. We primarily provide financial strategy planning, specialized market studies, project management, risk management and related business processes, selection of technologies, implementation partners and final investments such as late-stage venture, growth, buy-out, in specific sectors, such as:

  • checkEngineering, railway and automotive industries
  • checkElectrical engineering and electric power engineering
  • checkRenewable energy, water filtration
  • checkPharmaceutical, petrochemical, chemical industry
  • checkWoodworking, agricultural industry
  • checkConstruction work, construction, building industry
  • checkICT, fintech and software industry
  • checkCommodities

We compose the portfolio of the IC GROUP investor synergically with an emphasis on maximum yield and low risk levels. By diversifying industrial fields in the planned portfolio of the investor we combine acquisition targets at different stages of development, with parameters – unique technology, traditional brand and potential within the IC GROUP and prestigious RCC investment program. We buy companies with a view to successful restructuring and subsequent growth into the investment portfolio.

To achieve maximum appreciation of our investments, we apply primarily:

  • checkQuality control systems, automation, hi-tech or fintech technology
  • checkEngineering and project service for all types of industry
  • checkInvestment and technical management of projects
  • checkAnd others, according to the investor’s needs

We bring our experience, technical skills and creativity in projects to take upon and meet demanding goals. We help transform innovative ideas for long-term success by our expert advisers and managers who have a wealth of knowledge and experience in investment, financial and banking services and innovation.

Thanks to our expertise, we bring investors to business opportunities in a rapidly growing international market. “Specialized Private Investment consultancy” – plays an important role in creating a platform for investors to gain support along with investment and banking services in markets such as Europe, Malaysia, Russia, South America, as well as in the Middle East and Central Asia.

We are profiled by a brand of specialized professionals, professionals or counseling team with worldwide experience in order to provide excellence in various sectors. Our advisers will help you achieve your financial goals and expectations, and manage your projects in the most effective way, while maintaining traditions and the highest standards. We use our expertise and know-how to advise our private investors within their strategies for growth and structuring, implementation and management of mergers or acquisitions and monetization.

Join us and become members of the prestigious RCC program!


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