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Evaluation, Monetization & Digitization

Unique approach to global private regulated hybrid banking, asset management, planning and structuring of investments, finance and taxes, property management or top project managers.


Your Financial Institution of The Third Millennium

A Czechoslovak loan cooperative introduces banking services of the new millennium and will change its name to IC CREDIT UNION.

The entry of the strategic partner completed the transformation of the Czechoslovak credit cooperative into a modern bank house with perfect client service and a number of specialized services. The unique partner know-how ensures rapid implementation of technological innovations into the traditional environment of a stable institution, which has been operating on the international financial market for almost a quarter of a century under the ČSÚD brand. The Czechoslovak loan cooperative represents hybrid banking services of the new millennium and will change its name to IC CREDIT UNION. The new concept is designed for demanding and modern clients, both from individual investors as well as company customers.

ČSÚD / IC CREDIT UNION will provide its clients with:

  • checkComprehensive financial and investment advisory services including the possibilities of the international network of the IC GROUP
  • checkConsultation during the preparation and implementation of business and investment strategies using the experience of financial world leaders
  • checkMarket research and competition with the possibility of detailed analysis compiled by the IC GROUP fund grouping
  • checkProject management and portfolio management within IC BANK PORTAL and IC INVEST PORTAL
  • checkRisk management, purchase, technology and selection of partners based on the generational experience of IC GROUP’s leading investors
  • checkSecuring investments in specific sectors such as asset management and asset portal, commodity shops, technological and production parks or unique software solutions
  • checkQuality management systems according to individual investment and banking segments
  • checkEngineering and project service for all types of industry
  • checkInvestment, financial and technical management of projects
  • checkOther services according to investor’s wishes and needs.

We will ensure access to business and investment opportunities on the international market using unique banking instruments. Corporate know-how helps our clients to implement their growth strategy as well as in the structuring, implementation and management of mergers or acquisitions and related transactions.

Digital Banking Technology


ABS („Automated Bank System“)

ABS is a leading global partner in the field of complex financial solutions, within the international IC GROUP and prestigious banking program ROYAL CAPITAL CLUB, which first introduces and develops the product of a regulated hybrid self-service model for the provision of financial services using highly secure standard and blockchain technologies. In an invaluable way, it will enable clients to seamlessly enter the world of digitized assets from hitherto known platforms.

In cooperation with regulators, we bring leading investors a new concept of a unique banking and investment standard. The mentioned concept is always in accordance with the local and international legislation, that including the area of personal data processing and other automated banking processes.

It is important for us to build on the licenses of electronic money institutions (so-called e-money licenses) in order to be able to issue, manage and perform payment operations related to the issuance of electronic money or other digital instruments. We also apply the synergy of precious metals within the ABS financial and IC commodity strategy, for example in the form of applying the gold standard in issued digital currencies.

We create our own payment network. We are not limited by time or space.

Investment banking portal - a comprehensive solution for bank management of your financial assets.


International financial program, which is part of the IC GROUP. Through its key partners, it offers various solutions in the field of regulated hybrid private banking and unique investment management not only to family investors, but also to companies with extensive business or financial activities

Our approach to investor property management includes a wide range of regulated hybrid services, ranging from private banking, fund, management and corporate services to international financial planning for most of the world’s jurisdictions that are specially designed to suit your needs.

It is also possible to use unique regulated hybrid functions of Investment banking portal in the area of financial management and the first real digitization of investor’s assets and activities (ABS PAYMENT) or other financial instruments.

Investment Consultancy
& Global Management Advisory

Our holding company and IC GROUP is, within its partner and investor network, a portfolio of complex services related to private banking, asset management for private clients and institutions, investment banking, fund structures, project finance and management. It provides services mainly in the emerging markets of the European Union, the United Kingdom, Malaysia, the United Arab Emirates, the Russian Federation and Hong Kong.


The Investment banking portal program differs by providing a comprehensive link between trust, private investments and banking, which is tailored to the individual needs of each client. Our aim is to ensure maximum flexibility and range of the services we provide:

  • checkSelection of trustworthy, corporate, banking, fund and other services (BLOCKCHAIN & FIAT)
  • checkChoice of global investment opportunities and asset classes
  • checkSelection of investment structures and settlements
  • checkSelecting the degree of direct involvement that the investor chooses to apply in the portfolio management process
  • checkSelection of unique complementary advisory, planning and strategic services
  • checkand other specialized services.


The Investment banking portal firmly believes in the value of independent and long-term consultancy based on consistent and quality investment management results. Thanks to the close association of IC GROUP with some of the world’s leading asset managers within the prestigious program ROYAL CAPITAL CLUB, clients are linked to consultants who are traditionally not available to individual investors. Once your investment profile and requirements are assessed, the Investment banking portal will recommend the portfolio structure and the asset combination that best matches your long-term goals. The evaluation process shall be structured to take into account the history and potential of each manager involved.


The Investment banking portal is committed to offering you the best international investment opportunities through IC GROUP partner funds and the prestigious ROYAL CAPITAL CLUB program. These funds offer you the opportunity to conclude a contract with the most successful and experienced investment managers in the world. The result is a number of unique investment programs that allow you to explore major segments of investment markets, with the final evaluation being prepared by elite professionals in each particular area.


Consists of a team of experienced specialists. The Investment banking portal provides sophisticated planning for important families with international overlap, as well as for corporations with very specific requirements. The management of The Investment banking portal has experience and expertise to provide thorough, internationally oriented asset management structures in cooperation with leading financial, tax experts from all over the world. Whether you are looking for advice to relocate your structure, help in asset management planning or digitization, financial planning, or a long-term asset conservation strategy.


Fund or bank trusts are some of the most flexible planning and investment instruments available. Trusts allow full flexibility in the management, control and final distribution of assets, preservation and protection of wealth and increased confidentiality. Trust structures can also alleviate inheritance obligations, property taxes, future hostile claims, forced inheritance, currency controls and fees for examining wills.

Typical structures – Trusts played an important role in asset management for centers providing a mechanism for advanced, sophisticated property value planning structures or other asset portfolios, such as:

  • checkAsset protection trusts offering strong protection against creditor behavior
  • checkStructures for fixation of real estate through which growth in a family company can be kept in trust for future generations
  • checkIncoming structures that facilitate tax-efficient asset growth in international participations and distributions to recipients on the European continent
  • checkEffective trusts, such as charitable trusts, used to fulfil the philanthropic goal

The destinations of the IC GROUP and partners of the prestigious ROYAL CAPITAL CLUB program provide several types of trusts that offer unique solutions for the needs of clients in the area of real estate and tax planning. The Investment banking portal cooperates closely with tax advisers of leading global financial units and creates customized, carefully processed and properly managed solutions.


The IC GROUP provides banking, investment and project management, corporate administration, accounting administration, legal and tax obligations and residential services in a transnational scale in fifteen countries around the world.

  • checkProfessional executives who perform financial, business, project functions, administrative services for active business clients of the investor.
  • checkWe provide investors with personalized corporate services and international investment holding services for private clients with a predefined high added value.


Companies of our globally important private clients/investors are expanding to foreign markets (especially to the EU), and therefore “banking, investment, legal and tax planning or necessary management of investment projects” have become key to shareholders’ success. Pre-planning with an emphasis on a long-term but realistic vision is essential for companies wishing to expand their presence at international level. We are ready to work closely with you and your personal advisers to ensure that your investment structure is designed to meet your financial and business goals.


Within the partner network, IC GROUP has a specialized team of experienced, professional accountants, advisers, auditors and qualified investor asset managers in various fields, willing to assist our clients/investors with any related service necessary. We offer a wide range of international corporate business services around the world. Our services are broad and include keeping accounting records, keeping wages, compiling financial statements and tax returns, ordering and billing sales. The qualified team also cooperates with an external auditor appointed by the client to ensure absolute compliance with the requirements of jurisdiction audit.


Through a thorough understanding of our clients’ international business, we are able to ensure “central management & control” through management functions carried out by staff based on the needs of the client/investor, whether in the European Union or in other world destinations. Through our global network, stable strategic alliances, we can provide you with a tailored corporate structure that suits your needs, including suitable international staff for the administration and management of your investment entities.


The comprehensive offer of secretariat services of the partner IC GROUP and ROYAL CAPITAL CLUB companies includes negotiations as a founder or authorized certified, licensed entity. Furthermore, for example, obtaining a specified permit in the relevant central bank, acting as a secretary or an investor/partner agent, providing local residents, officials or residences, and last but not least, keeping company records, participation in annual meetings and related records.


Within the the Investment banking portal, we respect the desire of our partners with high managed capital to strive to minimize taxes and protect creditors in international communities. Our experts and collaborators know how to structure tax-efficient international corporations or related activities to achieve a higher return on investments after taxation. According to your requirements, we will build transparent corporate and provide continuous management or maintenance of your investment portfolio in banking, fund or other platforms of the IC GROUP and the prestigious ROYAL CAPITAL CLUB program.

“Why invest with the Investment banking portal (IC GROUP)?”

Within the Investment banking portal, we respect the desire of our partners with high managed capital to strive to minimize taxes and protect creditors in international communities. Our experts and collaborators know how to structure tax-efficient international corporations or related activities to achieve a higher return on investments after taxation. According to your requirements, we will build a transparent corporate and provide continuous management or maintenance of your investment portfolio in banking, fund or other unique platforms of the IC GROUP and ROYAL CAPITAL CLUB.


In the jurisdictions of the common law, trusts constitute a confidential relationship between a person who voluntarily renounces control of some or all of his assets to a trusted adviser (administrator) for the benefit of a defined person (persons), group or organization (recipient).

Key advantages of credibility:

  • checkFlexibility of tax and real estate planning.
  • checkProtection of assets and creditors.
  • checkOptimizing the requirements for forced inheritance.
  • checkProtection against foreign exchange controls or public sequestration.
  • checkProtection from personal courts.
  • checkProtecting property from the breakup of a relationship, including marriage.
  • checkPossible deferral and/or reduction of personal income tax, tax on capital gains and taxes on property and/or death for the establisher.

Credibility of Asset Protection

If an individual has significant net wealth and wants their part of assets to be protected from creditors’ claims, including family members, then the right tool for them is the “Trust for Asset Protection” (APT). The primary aspect of the client is the protection of assets, not tax avoidance. APT is tax neutral if the proceeds and/or capital gains are credited back to Settlor, which must be reported.

International Business Companies

An International Business Company (IBC) is a legal entity incorporated in a jurisdiction for commercial or personal purposes. Although they can perform any number of different functions, the most important task of the IBC is to provide flexibility in financial, property or project planning and easy succession planning. The IBC, based in the Dominican Republic or Malaysia, also benefits from the progressive tax regime and double taxation treaties with other major nations.

Key Benefits of IBC

  • checkConfidentiality of investors.
  • checkAll or only part of your worldwide assets can be controlled by the IBC.
  • checkOwnership of IBC shares remains strictly confidential.
  • checkFlexibility of tax & real estate planning.