Unique safe and economical energy - a revolution in the energy world / franchise

2S ENERGY (safe & save), a member of IC GROUP, is the only holder of the unique know-how of scientific work behind this revolutionary project.

2S ENERGY technology addresses the issue of “safe, energy-saving energy”, ie the high risk of injury from direct contact with electricity not only in the home is guaranteed by this technology “anti-shock attribute”.

Furthermore, the risk of short circuit or flame, explosion, any electrical appliance in contact with water, gas, is eliminated by the “anti-short circuit attribute”.

Finally, in line with the trends of optimizing the consumption of electricity, at the level of consumers, users, but also the distributors themselves, by means of the “economical attribute”.

2S ENERGY, thanks to the IC GROUP’s worldwide partner network, enables selected partners to expand their technology to all global markets and industries in a controlled way.

Transnational project partnerships enable this revolutionary technology to change global known legislation guaranteeing future use of our technology.

The 2S ENERGY patent itself is based on the principle of adjusting frequencies in an electrical circuit without the use of standard known technologies, and thanks to this factor it is also user-friendly.

  • checkUnique technology protected by world patent
  • checkOwn production synergistic production of 100% components in IC – Technology Park
  • checkFurther self-development of technology in the research center
  • checkThe first of its kind on the market
  • checkBringing electrical appliances to a new level
  • checkSwiss hallmark of quality and uniqueness and related precision marketing

A typical customer is every customer / user (physical / legal person) of the electric current in the world or producer of electrical equipment, but also a major distributor in the field of energy, solving the competitive advantages of his product.

…everybody can offer you „green energy“ today – truly „safe energy“ – offered only project partner “2S ENERGY – SAFE & SAVE”…