Asset management

Wealth protection
& Long-term Income

IC ASSET MANAGEMENT is an investment, development, property, facility and consulting company focused on the administration, leases, evaluation and sale of a comprehensive asset of IC GROUP and THE ROYAL CAPITAL CLUB partners/investors with international standards. We have a very extensive and comprehensive asset database in various variants, having an overview of local markets within the global scope of the IC GROUP and the key investors involved.

Our strength is a comprehensive offer in the field of real estate, asset and wealth management (invest, rental, facilities), we emphasize flexibility, a combination of analytical thinking and negotiation skills of the most important specialists in the field or family multinational companies with a deep tradition in this field. We can profile the client’s requirements, consult the ideal solution and select the most relevant offers. We help solve potential problems and we always try to build long-term business relationships with the client: We want to be a competent long-term partner to whom the client can always turn to with confidence.


More than 500 years of experience in asset management of our important family investors operating on the world market (RCC)

  • checkStabilized and motivated partner team
  • checkLong-term business relations with major international investors, real estate owners and our clients
  • checkPrestigious business ties with the support of major multinational private, family and government units

Strong orientation, support and continuous development of internal IT solutions to support our products and services, primarily in the field of regulated digitization of the investor’s assets

  • checkUnique ICT & Bank Hybrid Regulated Platforms
  • checkMore than 10,000 registered administrative buildings
  • checkMore than 25,000 hectares of total managed areas
  • checkTens of thousands of square meters (m²) of office or accommodation areas

Sophisticated online communication and marketing system to support products and brands

  • checkConnectivity to all important online advertising media with the possibility of changing advertising in real time
  • checkMicrosite solutions for special projects and its online connection with internal IT solution
  • checkPromotion of brands and products in the field of social networks



IC ASSET PORTAL systematically and in a coordinated way develops activities and procedures by which management optimally and permanently manages its property and assets, their associated status and performance, risks and expenses over the life cycle of the portfolio in order to achieve its organizational strategy plans.
Our Asset Managers always provide the owner with the optimal value of his property, i.e. commercial, aesthetic, functional or other value, which brings maximum benefit to the owner in the necessary time (short-term or long term). The Asset Manager maintains the property at the highest possible commercial value, but other than financial value may be taken into account if the owner wishes so.


Investment management

  • checkWealth management
  • checkAsset management
  • checkRental management

Property management

  • checkReal Estate Management
  • checkFacility management
  • checkEnsuring operational maintenance of the building and technical equipment


Asset PORTAL/Property management provides, together with partners, such spatial conditions that are best suited to the owners and users of the property or land. Property management is intertwined with AP Asset management and Facility management in support of real estate users/employees of companies with the aim of ensuring the efficiency of premises and property management for the needs of owners/users.
Our Property Managers combine their sense for spatial dislocation, personal issues and psychology, perceive the technical aspects of the constantly changing environment and cooperate with the management of the company so that at any moment the environment and dislocation of employees are optimally assembled for the needs of basic processes that the company has to provide.


  • checkElaboration of operating rules
  • checkProcessing and keeping of documentation of technical equipment
  • checkProcessing and management of a key economy
  • checkLegislative surveillance and training in fire protection and OSH
  • checkRepresenting the client vis-à-vis third parties
  • checkAdministrative management, accounting, IT technician
  • checkReal estate activities
  • checkMarketing activities
  • checkTax and legal advisory.


Asset PORTAL / Facility management integrates activities within the organization to ensure and develop agreed services that support and increase the efficiency of their own basic activity.
Our Facility Managers always primarily take care of people using real estate. Our Facility Managers are in a frontal position to address the daily needs of users/employees. However, because they guarantee these people to provide all support needs, including quality workplaces, they are the direct partners of Asset Managers and Property Managers. In practice, Facility Managers are mainly addressed directly by users/employees.


  • checkOperation, maintenance and servicing of technological equipment
  • checkWarranty and post-warranty service – representation of clients in negotiations with third parties
  • checkRevisions, technical inspections – provision of revisions according to valid regulations and standards
  • checkRemote monitoring – connection of the object to a system of measurement and regulation, remote failure detection, fault reports, etc.
  • checkContinuous emergency service – possibility to prevent further damage to property, removal of defects
  • checkFire protection and OSH activity – control activity by fire technician, inspection of fire hydrants and extinguishers
  • checkKey Economy Management – General Key System


Consulting services in preparation of a microsite project

  • checkOverall optimization of website functionality
  • checkCorrection of text content for SEO optimization and subsequent PPC
  • checkDevelopment of the investor’s private application

Continuous microsite management

  • checkOnline marketing campaigns
  • checkEstablishment of Google AdWords and Sklik List
  • checkCreation of PPC campaigns for marketing and remarketing
  • checkSetting GA targets for conversion measurement
  • checkContinuous weekly inspection and optimization of PPC advertisements
  • checkGraphical data output from Google Analytics, Instagram Analytics, FB dashboard
  • checkWeekly/monthly traffic report, impressions and measurable conversions