Comprehensive solution for managing, evaluating and monetizing your assets

Partners / Clients of IC – ASSET MANAGEMENT can be involved in to the investment decision-making process. Not only for them, we tailor-make investment proposals that provide optimal asset allocations and risk exposures that seek to benefit from the current market environment. The active advisory process is proactive with ideas for re-balancing portfolios being provided to the client periodically as market conditions evolve. Our specialist advice and guidance seeks to help clients achieve their stated objectives over the specified investment horizon.

IC – ASSET MANAGEMENT manages global, multi-asset partners class strategies across fixed-income, equities, real estate, commodities, alternatives, and cash equivalents. Under our Discretionary Portfolio Management services, portfolios are actively-managed and decisions are made on behalf of our clients, according to the terms of agreed mandates or specified model portfolios. We aim to mitigate downside risks, as required, for our clients through our disciplined investment process.