IC Bank portal

Vision, professionalism, privacy, tradition across generations

Our company provides its clients with the first real regulated hybrid banking solution, uses unique technologies, is based in advanced and modern banking houses in the structures of the prestigious ROYAL CAPITAL CLUB program. Gain independence, security and complete privacy with IC BANK PORTAL and IC GROUP.


ICBP and IC GROUP banking partners

IC BANK PORTAL is a banking program of the IC GROUP investment group which, worldwide and depending on the specific jurisdiction in which IC GROUP operates, consists of partner banking partners, primarily according to the scope of key investors of the group itself and their related portfolio.

Through the Investment banking portal, IC BANK PORTAL uses unique hybrid banking structures, operating on the ABS platform of the ABS PAYMENT standard, where Investment banking portal (IB) is the center of these financial activities.

IC BANK PORTAL provides its services directly within the prestigious financial program of the ROYAL CAPITAL CLUB. Furthermore, through several partner financial institutions in the area of banking and payment services within a single structure. Globally important entities within this structure together provide a strong and stable banking and investor family background.

IC BANK PORTAL is, thanks to its international reach, qualified professional management with a sense of vision and maximum detail in the field of finance, private banking and related traditions, a respected group and its partners already tested and recognized across generations.

Through partner or sister financial and banking entities of the IC GROUP, IC BANK PORTAL is able to offer a comprehensive solution in relation to automated hybrid services which will enable its clients, partners or investors to transparently, privately, synergically and, above all, effectively manage their cash flow, primarily in unique investment programs with the participation of partners or investors in the management or the direct execution of the program.

The investor or client uses financial services on the highest private basis within the ABS and UHB system. For its activities, it applies a payment system without boundaries of the region, place and time, with constant full control of these activities in our system. Thanks to this effect, tax processes or corporate and property strategies can be further optimized to the maximum.

Thanks to the hybrid environment and the unique “Stable ABS eMoney”, the investor or client is protected against volatility or other undesired economic effects of current modern technologies.

Thanks to the unique ROYAL CAPITAL CLUB programs: “Security Houses”, “Commodity Programs”, “Asset Programs” or “Tech Park Programs” and others, The investor or client are able monetize any available assets, without restrictions on territory or time zone. Furthermore, they can then be privately offered or effectively enhanced through ICDE (IC DIGITAL EXCHANGE).