IC CONSULTING PORTAL is a consultative program that pioneers the privately conceived hybrid banking and investment program provided at the global level with regard to the local specifics. 
IC CONSULTING PORTAL consists of a team of experienced experts providing investment advice and sophisticated planning. The management of IC GROUP has a generational experience and high expertise to provide thorough, internationally oriented asset management structures in cooperation with leading financial and tax experts from all over the world. Whether you are looking for advice to relocate your structure, help in planning property management, financial or banking planning, or a long-term asset conservation strategy, IC CONSULTING PORTAL is the right choice.

Thanks to the perfect understanding of our clients’ international business, IC GROUP is able to provide „central holding management and controlling management“ through management functions performed by professionals based in the European Union, Malaysia, Russia, Hong Kong, America, Arabia and other territories.

Investment units that expand their operations to foreign markets perceive their “financial and tax planning or project management” as the key to the success of their vision. Preliminary planning and related consultancy are essential for companies wishing to expand their activities at international level. The IC CONSULTING PORTAL program of the IC GROUP offers these services on the highest standard with an emphasis on privateness and uniqueness.

In the IC GROUP we are aware of the desire of investors or individuals with high personal wealth to strive to optimize taxes and protect creditors in the international community. Our experts and collaborators within the IC CONSULTING PORTAL program know how to structure tax-efficient international assets to achieve the highest return on investment.