Production of unique organic BIO food / franchise

Bio Global Pet Market Ltd. Project (GPM Project – IC GROUP) to produce a unique top class Bio Pet Food with a high “%” content of Bio Meat, responding to the growing worldwide demand for quality pet care.

This trend is confirmed by the fact that pet food companies exceeded the US Index 500 last year, and overall Pet Care is one of the most valued industries in recent years.

The aim of the project is to build a new plant for the production of high-quality pet food with a high meat content (based on its own technological know-how prepared by a team of scientists and zoologists in cooperation with the Mongolian Ministry of Agriculture. The whole background was established just in Mongolia because of the above-standard relations with the Mongolian government and the high number of heads of free-range cattle – Bio farms. the largest city in Mongolia, Erdenet, and is located directly in the industrial zone.

Also the historically very good and friendly business relations of Mongolia and the Czech Republic and the presence of the Embassy of the Czech Republic in UB have a significant influence on the success of the project. Mongolia is one of the priority countries of the Czech Republic’s foreign development cooperation. The Political Section of the Embassy, ​​which is responsible for the Agenda of Bilateral Development Projects, Small Local Projects and Humanitarian Aid, as well as the Business and Economic Section (OEÚ), is working very actively.