IC Investment consultancy


We understand traditional private banks, fund structures and modern digital platforms!

We are pioneers of the privately conceived hybrid banking and investment platforms provided at the global level with regard to local specifics. You can use our services for a wide range of activities, from management of your property, modern private banking, careful planning and convenient tax structuring, to real estate management or cooperation with our project managers. We are part of the international banking and investment group IC GROUP, which operates on the markets of the European Union, Great Britain, Malaysia, the United Arab Emirates, the Russian Federation, the United States of America and Hong Kong.

We offer flexible and highly effective consultations for private and corporate clients through a wide network of our collaborators with knowledge of specific markets and their needs around the world. The portfolio of your activities will thus be developed by professionals from individual areas, be it investment portfolios, asset management or real estate management or specialized hybrid services in the digital currency market. We will evaluate your investments using hybrid investment tools such as regulated SICAV fund structures to digital investment tools like ICO. Our banking and investment platforms are built on the basis of unique ABS technology, which allows for the first real regulated digitization of provided financial services and managed assets.

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