IC Investment education

Investment education
is the key to success


The use of traditional and non-traditional methods of sophisticated investment gives our clients or partners practical basics of an investor.

Since 2012 we have been engaged in sophisticated education in financial markets. We focus on traditional, but also non-traditional ways of investing and approaches to them.

Our specialization is mainly automatic trading systems and options.

In 2017, a dedicated Quastic educational platform was established.

In 2019, Charles Bridge Private Equity, a member of the Charles Bridge Investment Group, became its majority shareholder.

In 2020, the majority shareholder of the Quastic platform and the general partner of the Charles Bridge Investment Group became IC GROUP as part of the prestigious ROYAL CAPITAL CLUB investment project (RIFK).

Philosophy of Education

We live in a time when the need to invest is increasing. The development of demography is relentless, the retirement age shifts, and relying on the state or the social system is a dead end. At the same time, financial resources are very cheap today, so no savings will cover inflation.

Long-term financial education seems necessary. The illusion of emerging traders’ desire for quick and easy wealth is abused by many companies on world markets.

We aim to emphasize quality, not to promise the impossible, and to treat all participants in ROYAL CAPTITAL CLUB fair and responsibly.

Therefore, we cling to passing critical thinking, rational thinking, mastering emotions and understanding of context. Based on these facts, every graduate of our programs should adopt their individual methods that will work for him. We build it on the generational experience of our key family investors and financial principles that remain valid throughout the centuries.

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