Complex crypto solutions and crypto technology / franchise

IC – MINING ZONE, member of IC GROUP, is a complex uniq mining solution that your customers will love. Imagine a blockchain powered ecosystem which allows you to operate high yield mining machines within any bar, club or public space, without any regulation, tax or other burden on you or your visitors.

Business model is very simple:

1. You sell to your customer an uniq electronic mining-voucher (VMT voucher)

  • checkVMT voucher is cryptographic token which allows your customer to use the mining machine
  • checkVMT voucher might be stored via the online wallet or plastic NFC card
  • checkThanks to our POS you can accept any mean of payment (cash, card, bank or even crypto)

2. Your customer will use the voucher to buy a compounding power via the mining machine

  • checkMining machine generates to your customer another token (VMB token) and that’s his profit
  • checkCustomer will get an exchange of the mined VMB token back to the VMT voucher according to market price. So customer doesn’t care about how the mining works.

3. Customer may sell the VMT vouchers back to you or spend them within restaurant or bar

  • checkHowever, customer may realize high profit or lost, your business is to sell compounding power
  • checkThere will be always a 20%-30% of your profit for whole transaction

4. Your customer will use the mining machine for basic banking or financial services, such as money transfer or insurance, thus the operator is a partner of a unique unmanned bank.

Product list:

  • checkBlockchain & API
  • checkCryptographic voucher
  • checkWallet & NFC card
  • checkPOS Terminal
  • checkAutomated exchange system
  • checkMining machine

What do offer IC - MINING ZONE?

We offer the full technical and framework legal solution for operation of above stated business. We are looking for national partners which help us to expand with our solution to regional markets.

Why it´s interesting?

  • checkWell, we are the only company in the world with such mining solution. Developed inhouse!
  • checkThere is worldwide demand for such solution, and you can be the first partner in your country.
  • checkIn most jurisdictions there is huge space in regulatory framework of such services however its fully legal as a normal mining service or providing of compounding power.

Let´s setup a meeting and agree if you wish to become the owner or provider of national or regional franchise licenses!