Software solutions

Comprehensive Development Of Custom Software Solutions, Automation

IC – Software Solutions is a company that develops unique software applications, platforms and mobile solutions within IC GROUP and ROYAL CAPITAL CLUB, performs software testing, in-depth product analysis and provides technology management, support and expertise. It helps automate business processes and reduces the cost of selling financial products and services. Solution of technological challenges for start-up clients and corporate companies is the essence of the Intetics approach when it comes to application development services.

We always provide specialized groups of highly qualified and creative programmers.

Do you need software development?

We will find the best solution for you. Send us your requirements and we will give you an approximate price calculation. If you agree, we will create an analysis for you. Upon mutual agreement, after the analysis and the final price quotation we will begin with the development. Implementation takes place first in the test operation, where we remove small comments and then put the software into live operation.

Our strengths:

  • checkWe understand your demands
  • checkWe develop software to make it fast, stable and user-friendly
  • checkMaximum flexibility
  • checkFavorable price

Uniqueness of our applications

  • checkSpeed
  • checkWe place emphasis on easy operation using a keyboard and a mouse
  • checkUser-friendly
  • checkand other.

Do you have an idea for a SW solution that you would like to validate on the market? We will provide you with extensive experience, help you realize and bring the product to the market. Our partners in the group are for example Jobfers and Arbitas.


“We provide unique software solutions according to the requirements of IC GROUP’s investors and the prestigious ROYAL CAPITAL CLUB program at the highest level, especially in the field of fintech and blockchain technologies, focusing on all phases of the process of regulated actual digitization of the investor’s assets and their subsequent monetization.”

Vadim Bilousov