Complex production of stainless steel

TONER is a true genuine Czech manufacturer of high quality products with a tradition since 1883.

Our own production is located in the town of Moravská Třebová, the cradle of highly skilled crafts, such as silversmithing, metal spinning, pressing, polishing, grinding. In the name itself, TONER is committed to processing exclusively stainless steel. TONER is the abbreviated name STAINLESS STEEL. It is a sent message to customers that the materials being processed are noble materials.Cutlery from Moravská Třebová is known by generations of customers throughout Europe under the brands BIBUS, SANDRIK, ROSTEX and TONER.

We use stainless steel materials from reputable manufacturers for cutlery and other products with a guarantee of legible chemical composition in a special cutlery quality. Health and corrosion resistance, while adhering to the principles of use, is a matter of course for TONER. Cutlery, a wide range of cutlery accessories, trays, ladles, stainless steel tongs of the TONER brand are appreciated by our customers’ generations, such as clients of the international distribution giant AMAZON.Furthermore, TONER cooperates on the production of parts of the unique technologies of the IC – TECH PARK program and partners of the IC GROUP, in a joint venture with the international prestigious company SCHALTAG, the CITTTIG Group.

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