All Inclusive Development for Investors / Clients

AI DEVELOPMENT is focusing on real estate investments of all kinds and for realization of development projects especially in the areas of housing construction in frame of EU.

The main attribute of the company is the complexity of the services we offer and their quality, backed up by previous experience of our main partners.

We cooperate with a number of domestic, but foreign prestigious partners, for whom we are ready to find suitable locations for their investment intentions, to arrange appropriate building permits, including the subsequent construction of buildings or apply (monetize) their assets to the market with a precise invest-exit. All the services we provide “turnkey”.

In housing construction, the company’s philosophy is mainly the originality and uniqueness of projects and, above all, the locations in which we realize these housing projects.

AID program (all inclusive development):

Offer for investors – the possibility of investment partnership, when the investor can get a partnership only by inserting the land into the project SPV, under the terms of a precisely specified exit / payment of the investor’s land and subsequently the investment commission from the sale of the houses themselves.

Offer for end clients – we offer the possibility of guaranteed housing based on unique construction technologies, with localization not only in the Czech Republic. Our partners will provide a comprehensive service background, in terms of development, financing or other associated services.​