Comprehensive HR solutions / franchise


Within the “MASTER VENDOR” project, only one certified, qualified HR vendor within the international investment group “IC GROUP”, is the only primary HR coordinator or related HR services coordinator, which is also your primary contact for the recruitment of potential secondary subcontractors.

The core building block of the “MASTER VENDOR agency” is the creation of an extensive network of mutually interconnected and contracted collaborative certified HR agencies based on a unique business partnership across the whole of Europe, aiming at the most efficient use of their personnel capacities and specialization through gradual calibration based on the requirements of the target client , according to valid international standards.

We create a single centralized communication channel and we develop a unique HR mobile application within the “IC GROUP” investment group in connection with our CRM system, through which you can order, communicate, report and invoice through the “MASTER VENDOR agency”.

The “MASTER VENDOR agency” is responsible for the complex fulfillment of the order and the provision of personnel services to the exact extent required by the target client.

The main goal of the “MASTER VENDOR” project is to streamline the potential of the currently unclear free labor market, to professionalise the level of services provided, to ensure a suitable employee on the job in the required time, especially in the field of specialized jobs, and last but not least to optimize the costs of the target client in within the assigned HR goals.

The “MASTER VENDOR” project is well suited to working in the form of Temporary Allocated Workers as well as to permanent vacancies and recruitment of senior staff.

Main benefits of the project:

  • checkCost Reduction and Higher Supplier Compliance in HR (Co-ordination of Sub-Suppliers)
  • checkCompatibility, Professionalization – Standardization of HR Services
  • checkIncreased client control through one contact and unique mobile application “MASTER VENDOR”
  • checkConsistent and visible management information (single point of contact for all operational areas)
  • checkIt supports local, international and central relations
  • checkConsolidation of billing, reporting (KPI indicators for all sub-contractors)
  • checkRecruitment processes (recruitment management, selection and testing of candidates)
  • check100% fulfillment of set HR client goals (planning assistance) and client / employee satisfaction surveys