Prague, 23 February 2022 – Investment platform The Royal Capital Club, backed by royalty and other prominent families from South Asia and beyond, in partnership with international investment group IC Group, is offering prestigious club investing opportunities. The Royal Capital Club selects the most suitable investment opportunities and banking products across global financial markets and has unique investment products to suit each member's individual requirements. It tailors its unique know-how to the specific requirements of the investor.

Investments in funds or banking institutions under The Royal Capital Club are for those seeking prestigious club investing with the leading investors on several continents, with an emphasis on traditional values combined with state-of-the-art fintech solutions.

The existing clientele of The Royal Capital Club investment platform is generated from prominent royal and investor families or investment entities doing business not only in Malaysia but also internationally. The most prominent founders and investors include the Malaysian Royal Family and King Muhammad V of Kelantan. 

"The royal family's philosophy as a major investor is a vision that emphasizes of timelessness, respect for tradition and sustainable values. Unlike other asset managers, we work with a long-term investment horizon with the goal that the children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren of all our investors will have a happy, healthy and asset-backed life. We want to achieve this through diversity and diversification," says Martin Kloucek, President of The Royal Capital Club.

The Royal Capital Club is an apolitical group that offers many top-level benefits as part of its membership: For example, the use of luxurious historic properties within The ORB project, the opportunity to invest and be close to the "royal" group, the Malaysian King and members of the world's aristocracy, or participating in networking, educational and social events and many more.

The Royal Capital Club focuses primarily on investments in financial technology, real estate, technology parks and manufacturing with an emphasis on green, commodity trading, software development and healthcare solutions.

"We are often at IC Group at the inception of funds and follow them over the long term. Our rule of thumb is to only invest in what we know in great detail. We have created only a few funds, each of them having a clear and unique strategy. This allows us to actively manage returns and limit fluctuations in the value of the fund. We work with other premium fund managers that we trust. Our clients can choose from a wide range of investment opportunities from property funds to investment gold, banking products and prestigious digital currencies," says Martin Kloucek.

The Royal Invest Fund of Kelantan (RIFK), of which The Royal Capital Club is part, has representation within IC Group's royal fund and advisory network in more than fifteen countries around the world. Together they manage more than €50 billion within the Group. IC Group, which also has a presence in the Czech Republic, manages assets for strong family investors and operates primarily in Europe, Malaysia, Central Asia, the Far East, the Middle East and South America as part of The Royal Capital Club's investor program.