Protivín (Písek) September 7 (ČTK) - The Royal Malaysian Fund bought the Protivín Castle together with the adjacent park. They want to renovate the monument by 2023, the investment will be about half a billion crowns. The castle, which also belonged to Charles IV in the past, will participate in the prestigious investment program The Royal Capital Club which was founded by the members of aristocratic families, including the royals from East Asia, as well as other investors. The owners want to make part of the complex accessible, the investor's representatives said to ČTK.

The new owner is the international investment group IC Group. They have bought the castle for CZK 100 million. They want to open it in the first half of the next year. “We have chosen it from many objects throughout the Czech Republic. We were primarily looking for a building typical of the Czech lands with a history and connection to important Czech monarchs and families. An important argument was the issued building permit,” said the architect of the project Ing. Věra Nagyová from Ateliér ARCH.IC

The construction works on the Czech representation of the international investment project, The Orb, is divided into several stages. The castle will become the accommodation, educational and representative facility of the owners, and a hotel will be created there. The area will be surrounded by an English park, and the historic cellars with barrel vaults will come to life again. The castle will join the planned 12 headquarters of The Royal Capital Club around the world. Protivín is a pilot project, as Hana Tůmová said on behalf of the investor.

The owner is discussing the plan with conservationists. The reconstruction from 1985 provided for the so-called school in nature. “After the Revolution, the owner 's castle changed, and for thirty years a new use was sought. Now it seems that the investor will complete their intention to build a hotel resort. The advantage of it is that the project from 1985 was developed to such an extent that no damage to the interior can occur. There are almost completely battered plasters, reinforced ceiling structures,” Daniel Šnejd, manager of the conservationists from České Budějovice, said to ČTK.

The core of the monument is a Gothic castle, originally a royal one. It was rebuilt during the Renaissance and Baroque eras. Two Rococo rooms, a princess's room and a hall with a fireplace have been preserved. The castle has a large garden with the area of more than seven hectares.

“We started the renovation with the castle itself, so we have been building the heart of the whole area and its surroundings. One of the newly conceived elements will be the atrium,” said Nagy. The colour of the façade will also change: the owner wants to return to the legacy of the architect Domenico Martinelli, who also participated in the construction of façades of houses in Český Krumlov.

The Mayor of Protivín, Jaromír Hlaváč (ODS), believes that more tourists will visit the town with less than 5,000 inhabitants. “The castle has been closed for many years. The fact that it will be repaired to become a resort, including accommodation facilities, has far-reaching plus points for us. We will be able to offer accommodation after a long time, which we have been missing so much. About 110,000 people come to Protivín every year, but they all left us and brought the economic benefits elsewhere. Now the tourists can stay here,” said Hlaváč.

It is originally a Baroque castle with an English park. It belonged to the the Luxembourg and Pernštejn families, from 1710 to 1948 to the Schwarzenberg family. During the First Republic, there was also a hotel for summer guests in the castle; Eduard Bass wrote the novel Circus Humberto there. It has been a cultural monument since 1963. The castle has not been used since 1988.