THE ROYAL CAPITAL CLUB (“RCC”) is a premium program of the prestigious Royal Investment Fund of the traditional Malaysian and Southeast Asian royal family and international investment group IC GROUP.

RCC offers unique investment products and services according to the individual wishes or needs of each member. It selects the most convenient investment opportunities and banking products across the world’s financial markets. It adapts its unique know-how to the specific requirements of the investor and the interests of the investor’s investment portfolio, whether it is the accumulation and distribution of investment assets, property management and development, technology development and production, commodity trades, unique software platforms, and number of other investment areas. Maximum discretion is a matter of course of all RCC services.

THE ROYAL INVEST FUND OF KELANTAN (“RIFK”) uses regulated hybrid banking structures built through the unique ABS platform (Automated Bank System), offering financing or investment opportunities to clients from all over the world without limiting space and time. In connection with these technologies, the client or investor of this prestigious family fund has a regulated financial instrument in its portfolio, by which the first real digitization of financial services and assets of the investor can be achieved.


The integrity of all members is of fundamental importance to the functioning of the RCC. Our relationships are based primarily on mutual trust. Club culture and high ethical standards are what the RCC allows us to rise above any similar community. We want all members to be rightfully proud of belonging to this particular club.

Our Values and Commitments

All members of the RCC are certified according to the established rules of the Club and the Code. In all activities we aim to build firm and permanent relationships with our clients and investors. The cornerstone of these relationships is, above all, mutual trust.

Team spirit

In today’s rapidly changing world, prestigious investors are demanding a financial partner who will be their responsible, trustworthy and flexible counterpart. We can meet their requirements if we cooperate as a team with maximum use of diverse and unique skills and the knowledge of each and every one of us. We will become a reference investment and banking structure in the prestigious private sector. We will work with our partners the way we work together. We are strong because we can listen, be creative, transparent, support initiatives and mutual belonging in times of success and difficulties.

Faith in the Future and Innovation

We strive to continuously improve the set solutions in the management of our partners’ assets. We realize that the most valuable commodity for each of us remains time and moments that we can give to our loved ones. Through innovative solutions, we improve and streamline traditional methods in funds and banking entities within the RCC. We also optimize procedures and relationships with regard to future economic trends, especially the pressure of investors to use technological innovations. In accordance with the spirit of our business, we are able to adapt our working methods to the latest trends. We strengthen mutual sharing, experimentation and thinking beyond the established procedures. We are effectively learning both from our achievements and failures. They're both a challenge to us.

Social Responsibility

As managers of the RCC assets, we contribute to the economic, social and sustainable environmental development of all the areas in which we operate in several countries around the world. We want to help our partners implement their projects while not losing sight of any potential risks. Our responsibility and our ethical principles mean to us meeting the needs of our investors quickly and in accordance with the protection of the long-term interests of all stakeholders, with strict adherence to all the principles and rules governing our business. Our responsibility also manifests itself in the courage to acknowledge our actions and decisions and to express our opinions in a transparent manner. We are totally responsible not only for the results we are achieving, but for all the steps that lead to them.

Club Commitment

Our passion stems from the desire to ensure long-term satisfaction of our partners as well as pride in our business and participation in the RCC project. We strive for a positive change in our daily activities so that we can contribute to the success of our partners as well as to the success of our own projects. We support active involvement and career growth of all our employees. We cultivate relationships built on mutual trust and mutual respect, both inside and outside the Club.

The above values are the cornerstones of the RCC. Each individual member is unconditionally guided by these values and is thus the bearer of the RCC’s idea, mission, prestige and good name. All activities of all members shall be subject to this Code.

RCC, Syndicated
and Club Investment

Through investment in funds or banking institutions, RCC offers a very interesting return. They are intended for those who are looking for prestigious club investment with the leading investors on several continents with an emphasis on respect for traditional values in conjunction with the latest fintech solutions. Funds within the RCC are enough to choose the most appropriate combination of return and volatility of investment. From the conservative royal to the aggressively focused fintech fund.

Funds work with investment products of the RCC (RIFK & IC GROUP). We often see their births and monitor them for a long time. Our rule is to invest only in what we know very closely. We have created only a few funds and each of them has a clear and unique strategy. This allows us to actively manage returns and limit fluctuations in the fund’s value. We work with other premium fund managers we trust. Our clients can thus choose from a wide range of investment opportunities from real estate funds to investment gold, bank products and prestigious digital currencies.

RCC, Syndicated
and Club Funding

Benefits for you

  • checkFinancing (loans or guarantees) beyond the capacity of a single bank or investor in terms of the amount provided.
  • checkTerms of sta Financing (loans or guarantees) above the possibilities of one bank or investor in respect of the amount provided.
  • checkFinancing conditions set with the arranger or with a very specific group of banks or investment funds, primarily within the RCC.
  • checkThe position of the client on the financial market (quality and “name”) was strengthened by obtaining syndicated or club financing. amended with the lead arranger or with a very specific group of banks or investment funds, primarily within the RCC.
  • checkThe client’s position in the financial market (quality and ‘name’) was strengthened by obtaining syndicated or club financing.

Our advisers will be happy to inform you of the detailed price conditions

Type of financing intended for corporate clients within RCC, i.e. a group of connected clients mediated by several creditors (banks, funds); incl. acquisition, export, commodity, project, real estate, operational financing or bank guarantees. Loans are defined individually in terms of structure and maturity.

Description of syndicated financing

Financing is provided by a group of creditors (banks, funds) under RCC. Their contracting parties are represented by the main bank or fund (arranger) which negotiates with the beneficiary the terms of the proposed instrument, ensures the involvement of other subscription banks or funds and the mutual contractual documentation of their participations is drawn up and signed by them. Underwriting creditors under RCC may partially assign their participation to other participants. In the course of financing, the arranger (agent) shall act on behalf of creditors in the provision of services to beneficiaries and carry out subsequent administrative tasks.

Description of RCC’s financing

The principles are similar to syndicated funding, although subscribed participants do not scatter their facilities to other participants, thus retaining their full participation. Again, the distribution/payments of loans are regulated by the club coordinator or the leading bank or fund (arranger).